Testosterone Boosting Foods to Help You Get Back your Testosterone to Ideal Levels


Testosterone levels affect men's bodily functions more than it does on women. Especially because of the fact that this hormone plays great role in reproduction. Aside from this, it is also a contributor to muscles mass, growth and other things that makes a human healthy - from red blood cell levels, bone density and more. With such an important hormone decreasing by age or through other reasons, it is only right that we make sure to counteract it by learning ways on how to increase testosterone naturally. Natural is still the way to go for the healthiest result possible and to make sure that your body would not suffer adverse effects during the process.

There are many ways on how to battles signs of low testosterone from low testosterone treatment, testosterone tablets, exercises and therapy or one of the most infamous and easiest to gain access of - testosterone boosting foods. These foods that increase testosterone naturally aren't anything fancy as they can definitely be bought just about anywhere - you just need to know what they are.

1.            Potatoes

Carbohydrates play a huge role in making sure that your testosterone level stays at its peak or even on its higher levels. Potatoes can offer your carbohydrate supply but, would not give you prolactin increase unlike grains like rice or more. Prolactin can cause low testosterone symptoms which is basically going against your testosterone boosting plans.

2.            Vitamin D and Fats

Through studies, it was found out that Vitamin D and foods with it can provide up to 25% increase in Testosterone production. This estimate is not always accurate but, the fact remains that it is a contributor to increase testosterone. Some famous foods that you can choose with Vitamin D and fats that are healthy for the body are selected tuna products, Low-fat milk and even Egg yolks. Milk is also particularly a great help for testosterone with its calcium and protein.

3.            Oysters

Other than Vitamin D and natural and healthy fats, it is also important for you to have intake of zinc and that is something that you can receive via eating oyster. Shellfish and Crab can also provide same effects, making them great additions to your menu not only due to their taste but also due to their nutritional values. Be sure to visit this website at https://www.britannica.com/science/testosterone/images-videos and know more about testosterone.

4.            Epic Bar

If you have encountered Epic Bars, then there's no doubt that you know that they come with an astronomical price considering that they are bars. However, what makes them great is that they come with the purest protein intake you can imagine. They are animal-based which can either be from beef, turkey, lamb or bison, which are guaranteed to be purely fed with grass and comes with no other traces of external elements. This kind of protein source is a must for increasing testosterone levels and it is an additional advantage that it comes in great portable design. Learn what causes low testosterone here!