Boosting Testosterone Naturally through Nutrition


According to studies on how to naturally increase testosterone levels naturally show that there is a distinct correlation between the testosterone levels in a man, diet and weight. Some men might choose to artificially increase their testosterone levels by using hormones and injections, but it is recommended to use low testosterone supplements that can naturally boost testosterone. Nutrition is a good way to naturally boost the production of testosterone. There are some foods that should be included in your diet to improve the levels of testosterone production and in the process increase body weight through the building of muscles.

Dairy products are a good way to increase the production of testosterone. Cottage cheese is a good source of protein that is helpful in the production of testosterone. Cheese has no negative effects of fat that would result from the consumption of fat from beef or chicken. Some dairy products however increase the amount of fat in the body. This is not good for the building of muscles and production of testosterone. Fat encourages production of estrogen instead of testosterone. Intake of dairy products should therefore be limited to only the right ones in the right amounts.

Vegetables are also a good source of proteins. Consuming beans does not only give proteins but also fiber and zinc which greatly increase the production of testosterone. Fiber and zinc are also very useful in the elimination of fats that are unhealthy from the body. Broccoli and cabbage are also good for the building of muscles. They have a compound that the body uses to prevent body fat from forming. Body fats increase estrogen which in turn lowers the production of testosterone. Garlic also helps in the production of testosterone. It contains allicin, which helps in the production of testosterone and reduces the production of cortisol, a hormone which competes with testosterone in release. Know what does testosterone do here!

Some types of meat are also useful in helping boost testosterone production. Sea foods such as oysters are a good source of zinc which greatly boosts the production of testosterone. Other minerals such as magnesium are also good for testosterone production. Lean beef, poultry and eggs are good source of magnesium and mono-unsaturated fats. Meat as a protein source also contains cholesterol and the intake levels should be watched. Visit this website at and learn more about testosterone.

In general, natural supplements are recommended for boosting the production of testosterone. They are much safer and do not come with negative side effects like those of injections, pills or hormone replacement therapy.